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morco feb 24ed thermistor I initially started digging into all these settings to change the menubar font size and color to be more readable. In the end I found the GDK_SCALE, GDK_DPI_SCALE.

It cames from Accelerated KVM guests on WSL 2 ```bash $ sudo apt update && sudo apt -y upgrade $ sudo apt -y install build-essential libncurses-dev bison flex libssl-dev libelf-dev cpu-checker qemu-kvm aria2 $ tar -xf WSL2 -Linux-Kernel-4.19.104-microsoft-standard.tar.gz $. summertime saga apk new; yuyue wireless retro game console.

This command adds the appropriate zPDT PATH statements and updates some user limits in .bashrc to allow zPDT execution. When prompted, enter yes to proceed. See the zPDT Guide.

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Right-click on the Windows 10 Start button and select " Windows PowerShell (Admin) ". After that type the below command to find out all the installed WSL Linux distros on your PC or laptop. wsl -l, Now, see check out the Distro name you are using. For example, here we are using Ubuntu 20.04, thus the command will be like this:.

Step # 4: Change the Color of your Ubuntu 20.04 Prompt from Red to Blue: You have seen how you can change the color of your Ubuntu 20.04 system’s prompt from green to red. Now, you will see how you can change it from red to blue. For that, you will have to run the affixed command in your terminal: $ PS1 =“\ [ \033 [ 34m\] \u @ \h:\ w $”..

To edit the ~/.bashrc when that file is preventing you from launching, run: wsl-e bash--norc -c "vi ~/.bashrc" or wsl ~ -e bash--norc vi .bashrc. And many stupid curl-based install scripts generate .bash_profile files. As a defensive measure, you can write your own .bash_profile that explicitly loads .bashrc..

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